Anupam Ayurveda Gynae Shakti Syrup (200 ml)



A uterine herbal tonic for women.


Gyanae Shakti Syrup is a multi herbal formulation for regulating menstrual cycle besides being a very effective herbal Uterine tonic for ladies. It is useful in menstrual irragularities & ideal for premenstrual syndrome. It improve women general health as well as improve the development of female reproductive organs.


  • Ashoka, DhayPhool – Helps to open the fallopian tubes & provides normal ovum movements towards uterus.
  • Lodhra – Antiinflammatory & analgesicalong with antispasmodic action on pelvic organs.
  • Estrogen modulator & useful in harmonal imbalances – Shatavari
  • Immunomodulator & rejuvenating tonic for female – Ashwagandha Guduchi
  • Ashoka – Acts on uterine endometrium & relieves dysmenorrhoae & Uterine problems.
  • Hemostyptic action with the help of Ashoka.


  • Supports in the management of Pelvic Inflammatory Condition.
  • Uterine harmonal impairments.
  • Painful Uterine conditions & Dysfunctional Uterine Bleedings.
  • Mixed Vaginitis.
  • Irregular & Scanty periods
  • Low back ache due to Uterine Problems.
  • Premenstrual syndrome.
  • Unexplained infertility.


5-10ml two to three times a day after meal or as directed by the Physician.


Available in 200ml bottle.

140.00 Rs


Onset of action of the medicine on the disease & duration of treatment of the medicine depends on the various factors like severity & sign & symptoms of the disease, age & physical condition of the patient etc. Please consult your Ayurvedic physician for more information.


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