Anupam Ayurveda Rakt-Shudhi Syrup (200 ml)



Acts as an excellent blood purifier.


It is a combination of polyherbal drugs which are well known for their blood purifying effects, recommended for all types of allergic skin infections.  It is a wonderful combination to resolves skin inflammation, Itching & redness.  It can be prescribed for all age groups.  It is an Ideal blood purifier for pimples & acne of adolescent age, gives smooth & glowing complexion.


  •  Reduces Itching, inflamation & dryness of skin. – Daruharidra, Manjistha, Neem.
  •  Detoxifies the blood & exerts antibacterial, antifungal & antiprotozoal effect –  Shudh Gandhak, Neem, Bakuchi, Manjistha, Rakt Chandan.
  •  Controls oozing, Itching & pricking sensation of skin in all chronic skin infections – Vaividang, Karanj, Neem, Rakt Chandan


Indications :

–       All allergic & inflammatory skin disorders.

–       Seborrhic dermotitis, Eczema & Psoriaris.

–       Bacterial & fingal infections.

–       For the management of acne & pimples.

–       Scabies, diabetic Carbuncles.

–       For blood purification.


2-3 teaspoonful (10-15ml) two to three times a day before meal with lukewarm milk or as directed bythe physician.


Onset of action of the medicine on the disease & duration of treatment of the medicine depends on the various factors like severity & sign & symptoms of the disease, age & physical condition of the patient etc. Please consult your Ayurvedic physician for more information.


Anupam Ayurveda


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