Anupam Ayurveda Tulsi Drops (30 ml)




It helps in improving mental as well as physical endurance.It helps treating diseases like infection, allergy , joint pain,sugar,ulcer and flu etc.It contains vitamin C and helps to fight against viral infections like cold ,flu and cough .Its anti-bacterial properties destroys bacteria of Malaria ,Typhoid and Cholera.It helps to maintain the blood pressure and reduces stress.It helps to normalise cholestrol and TGL level.It helps to reduce weight.It improves the body defence machenism system .It has anti-aging properties also.It has anti-septic qualities,clears bacterial infections and boosts the immune system.


Anti Microbial Anti Oxidant Properties  Relief from common cold and cough , Effective for healthy life style


Helpful in all types of flu cough cold and influenza and acts as a natural immunity booster


Use anupam tulsi drops in the following ways:-

2-4 drops with 1 glass of water

2-4 drops with 1 glass of coffe

2-4 drops with normal tea

2-4 drops with 1 cup normal green tea


Available in Pack of 30 ml

199.00 Rs 


Onset of action of the medicine on the disease & duration of treatment of the medicine depends on the various factors like severity & sign & symptoms of the disease, age & physical condition of the patient etc. Please consult your Ayurvedic physician for more information.


Anupam Ayurveda


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