Bee Celebration Well Being Candle (100g)

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Well Being Candle is made using 63 ingredients which includes 17 herbs, 9 types of grains and 4 types of essential oils. The bottom of the container is decorated with 7 types of flowers & leaves including Lotus & Rose petals. We have offered 5 types of dry fruits, food grade coconut oil, resins, camphor and other ingredients. The candle is decorated with Saffron, Ashtgandha Chandan, 99% pure silver leaf and 24K gold dust.

The inhalation of herbs extract and essential oils is very beneficial and may cure many diseases. Lotus, Rose and Sandalwood essential oils used in the Candle give a beautiful fragrance. Halmaddi essential oil acts as a positive energy generator and attracts divine power. All the herbs and essential oils used in the candle creates a positive aura when lighted and helps achieve overall Well Being. 

Country Of Origin – India


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