• Boosts Immunity Levels
  • Crubs Bad Bacteria Growth
  • Increases Natural Anti-bodies
  • Blances Gut Flora
  • Clinically Tested Strain

There has been an uptick in immune health issues plaguing Indians due to changing lifestyle trends. At any given point in time, nearly 10 crore people are ill over a 15-day timespan throughout the country due to compromised immunity levels. To help combat this issue, Dr. Morepen has formulated GreatGut Immunity Capsule supplement for children and adults. The supplement is one of its kinds as it is packed with 3 billion CFU’s of novel probiotic Lactobacillus johnsonii 456. This novel probiotic supplement will amp up your gut flora and immunity for a prolonged time. The supplement your diet with our super-food capsules to have a protective shield against infections and strengthen your immunity naturally. Continued intake of DR. Morepen GreatGut Immunity Capsule for one week will boost your immunity levels for a month. And guess what, one strip will last you for two months providing enough immunity booster dose in the meanwhile!

To repopulate your gut with the star ingredient ‘Lactobacillus johnsonii 456’ and attain elevated immunity levels, get your hands on DR. Morepen GreatGut Immunity Capsules now


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