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Life Aveda Ascites Relief Pack Herbal Preparations Support A Healthy Liver Because They Are 100 Percent Pure And Have No Negative Effects.

Product Description

A buildup of fluid in your abdomen is known as ascites. It is usually a result of the liver condition cirrhosis. If you have cirrhosis and realize you’re gaining weight quickly, consult your doctor. The doctors generally recommend a low-salt diet. 

Life Aveda combines three herbal ingredients that support healthy liver functioning. Herbal preparations support a healthy liver because they are 100 percent pure and have no negative effects. Ascites are generally treated while an underlying cause is sought, in order to prevent complications, relieve symptoms, and prevent further progression.


Liv Guard Capsules
Bhumi Amla Capsules
Triphala Magic

Liv guard capsules

These capsules are an ideal treatment for liver disorders and can improve liver function. It revitalizes the liver and aids in enhancing digestion and metabolism.


Kutki 100mg
Kalmegh 100gm
Triphala 50mg
Kasni 50mg
Giloy 50mg
Makoi 50mg


  • The hepatoprotective properties of the capsules help prevent and treat jaundice and hepatitis and promote digestive fire.
  • They also aid in the healing of liver infections and promote a healthy liver.
  • Helps treat liver conditions like hepatitis, fatty liver, and jaundice by acting as a liver tonic.
  • Strengthens and detoxifies the liver

Bhumi Amla Capsules 

Life Aveda’s Bhumi Amla tablets support healthy liver cell activity and bile secretion by repairing it. Bhumi Amla’s natural extracts are used in the making of the product, which is absolutely devoid of any preservatives.


Standardized Herbal Bhumi Amla extracts


  • Cleanses the liver.
  • Assists in controlling Pitta dosha.
  • Enhances metabolism and reduces blood sugar.
  • Promotes simple digestion.
  • Helps manage gastric acid formation.
  • Reduces the possibility of kidney stones developing.

Triphala Magic 

These capsules are made using the herbal properties of five natural ingredients that support Liver health. Harad, Baheda, and Amla boost metabolism manage weight and ease constipation. Additionally, it controls a lack of appetite, thirst, bloating, and flatulence while cleansing the colon by eliminating waste. The digestive juices and enzymes secreted by Saunf and Mulethi aid in digestion and treat constipation, abdominal cramps, and other gastrointestinal disorders.


  • 100 mg of harad
  • 100 mg of Baheda
  • 100 mg of amla
  • 100 mg of Saunf
  • 100 mg of Mulethi


  • It promotes colon cleansing and gut health.
  • It promotes restorative and nourishing natural processes.
  • It is an antioxidant and vitamin natural source.
  • It promotes the healthy operation of the respiratory, circulatory, and digestive system


These capsules support a healthy digestive tract and balance Vata Dosha. It has cooling and diuretic characteristics that support the liver, kidney, heart, and stomach in operating normally. Punarnava is well known for its balancing qualities, which work to keep the Tridoshas of the human body in balance. 


Punarnava extract


  • Punarnava capsules are beneficial in restoring liver functions
  • These capsules aid in urinary tract infections and their treatment
  • It contains diuretic properties that maintain the normal functioning of the kidney
  • It also helps in the management of body weight

Country Of Origin: India


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