Life Aveda Premium Hair Vitals Capsules (60 Caps)




Life Aveda Premium Hair Vitals Capsules (60 Caps) Are A Blend Of Natural Herbs That Helps In Getting Thick And Lustrous Hair.

Product Description

Hair Vitals For Healthy And Strong Hair

Premium Hair vital capsules are a blend of natural herbs that helps in getting thick and lustrous hair.

Hair plays an important role in our life, but due to various reasons today both men and women are facing hair problems. About 2 % of the population faces hair loss or baldness at some point in their lives. Considering that natural ingredients have great properties for health and cosmetic use, we bring you a list of herbs and oils that will help you make your hair beautiful, thick, and long. Mare’s hair is the biggest reason for our beauty, for which it is very important to have hair growth on time. 

For hair growth and hair health, you must be going to the parlor; you will be sitting in the salon for hours and getting fancy treatment. Many types of toxic chemicals and chemicals are used in hair products. These chemicals make our hair more lifeless and dry. So in such a situation, it is important to adopt some natural things for the health of the hair.


  • Amlaki 100 mg
  • Bhringraj 200 mg
  • Hibiscus Flower 100 mg
  • Rose Marry 50 mg
  • Thyme 50 mg


  • Helps in collagen production. Collagen stimulates hair growth and ensures growth.
  • Relief from itching
  • Aid in hair growth
  • Nourishes and strengthens the roots of your hair
  • Clean the hair and prevent hair fall
  • Relieve dandruff
  • Provide shine and lustrous hair

Product Details

  • Amla contains Vitamin-C and antioxidants which helps in collagen production. Collagen stimulates hair growth and ensures growth. 
  • Neem has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and healing properties that are beneficial for all hair problems. It also gives relief from itching on the scalp. 
  • Mint is a great herb for tea and it smells great. One study suggests that peppermint oil may be an option to aid in hair growth by promoting circulation to the scalp.
  • Rosemary also has interesting properties for promoting hair growth. Use it daily for healthy, full-bodied hair.
  • Hibiscus not only increases hair but also works to remove many hair-related problems. It controls dandruff. It cleans the scalp. It nourishes and strengthens the roots of your hair. It helps in hair growth.
  • Bhringraj is very beneficial for your hair. It works to keep the scalp healthy. You can use it to grow hair. Its oil helps to clean the hair and prevent hair fall. It nourishes the hair and works to increase hair. It is very beneficial for hair

Dosage& Duration: 1-2 capsules twice daily with normal lukewarm water after meal.

Who Can Take It?

  • One who has hair fall, dandruff, and other hair-related diseases use it
  • A person suffering from dandruff, itching, dryness 
  • To enhance the growth of hair it is good
  • For getting shiny and thick hairs.
  • Provide nourishment to hair roots


  • There is no harm in using it without consulting a doctor. It is natural and herbal.

How Its Made?

Premium Hair vital is made from extracts of ayurvedic herbs which are natural and herbal. Each 500mg capsule consists of Amla, Bhringraj, hibiscus, rosemary, and many more. It is free from added preservatives and colors. It is formulated under the guidance of MD Ayurveda experts. These all are tested products, finalized after several trials.

Country Of Origin: India


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