MealO sports contains Micellar casein with Palatinose. It keeps you energized during your workout without raising the glycemic index.

Micellar casein provides all essential amino acids which prevent muscle breakdown & helps in muscle recovery.

Palatinose provides them slow & continuous energy which keeps them active for longer hours encouraging them to work out more.

More Benefits 

Kind to teeth
little effect on the blood sugar level (GI: 32) and insulin

Control hunger pangs

Dietary Fiber keeps the stomach healthy and improves digestion.

In addition to being low glycemic, low insulinemic, and tooth-friendly, MEALO Sports burns more calories from fat under physical activity in comparison to other carbohydrates. So hurry up Buy MealO Health/Protein Drink for Sports

Flavor: Choco Vanilla, Capuccino




Additional information

Dimensions 34 × 19 × 29 cm


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