Onelife Mass Gainer (Carb: Protein ratio 2.5: 1), 27 micronutrients, 8 g amino matrix, DigeZyme®: – Swiss Chocolate Flavour – 3kg



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Onelife Mass Gainer is a superior formulation that is designed to provide high-quality protein for muscle mass gain as well as the sustained release of carbohydrates that support your high-intensity workouts. With a 2.5:1 ratio of Carbohydrates to Protein respectively, it supports lean mass gain without excess fat gain. Hence, it’s your best workout buddy and is now in delicious Swiss chocolate flavour. It has the ideal composition of carbs and protein along with creatine to help you build muscle and mass together. It also includes an MCT fat source and an 8g Amino matrix with 27 micronutrients.


  1. Carbs to Protein ratio of 2.5:1 is ideal for lean mass gain
  2. 594 calories & 37gm Protein per scoop.
  3. It also includes an MCT fat source,8g Amino matrix, 27 micronutrients.
  4. Sustained release of carbohydrate which helps in the maintenance of sugar levels.
  5. Contains MCT i.e Medium Chain Triglycerides which get digested instantly, thus providing an immediate source of energy and do not get deposited as body fat
  6. Glutamine for a speedy recovery from muscle soreness and Creatine for the dynamic power and increased exercise performance.
  7. Optimally dosed micronutrients to boost immunity and enhance exercise performance
  8. Used by professionals during competitions.
  9. Mass gaining with a delicious taste of Swiss chocolate so no compromises on flavour.
  10. Manufactured under quality standards of GMP and ISO.
  11. Complies with regulatory guidelines.


Carbohydrate Blend (Resistant Maltodextrin, Oats fibre, Isomaltulose), Protein Blend(WPC, Micellar Casein, Milk Solids), Inulin, MCT Powder, L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, Vitamin & Mineral Blend, Digezyme (Alpha-Amylase, Protease, Lactase, Cellulase, Lipase), Stabilizer (Ins 415), Emulsifier (Ins 322), Cocoa Solids, Sweetener ( Ins 955)

Usage- Take 2 scoops (150g) in 300ml water/ milk and mix well, or as suggested by your healthcare professional

Country Of Origin: India




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Weight 3.000 g
Dimensions 27 × 21 × 21 cm


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