Onelife Organic Honey Himalayan Kashmiri (250gm)



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Onelife Organic Himalayan Kashmiri Honey is collected from the deep valleys of the far north in the mountains of Kashmir. Besides having a distinct flavour, it is a natural source of carbohydrates that gives instant energy. Raw honey enhances immunity and skin health when consumed regularly. The taste of the divine nectar of the Mountains in Store is the best natural immunity booster that helps fight diseases and is good for heart health & overall wellbeing.


  1. Certified by APOF Organic Certification Agency (AOCA)
  2. Raw, pure, unpasteurized & unfiltered flavour and aroma
  3. It acts as a natural and safe cough suppressant
  4. It is known to enhance your immune system
  5. Raw, unprocessed helps in preserving the enzymes which improve the digestion
  6. It is high in natural vitamins, minerals & antioxidants because it is not pasteurized
  7. It is naturally good for heart health, skin and overall wellbeing.
  8. Certified organic honey is superior and nutritionally better than other local honey available in the market.
  9. Manufactured under quality standards of ISO.
  10. Complies with regulatory guidelines.

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