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A cold and tiring day becomes your worst enemy sometimes. It can cause you stress, headache, anxiety, bad sleep, and a congested nose. We initially tend to ignore these small things until they turn into something that needs attention. On the other hand, stress is becoming the root cause of many health problems and cold is the source for the congested nose and contracted nerves.

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties enhance the body’s ability to improve breathing and works as a decongestant to suppress cough and cold. Henua Stress and Cold Relief Oil is a great remedy for migraine and headaches.

More About the product :

Used For:

Henua Organic Pain Relief Oil is an Ayurvedic solution for Backache, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Soreness and Stiffness of Muscles, Arthritis and, Sprain. The Oil is also great for a massage before and after any physical activity i.e. working out, on-field sports, dancing, etc. A massage from the oil will rejuvenate your body and mind.

How to use:

  • Just take a few drops of Henua pain relief oil on your fingertips and slowly apply to the affected area where you feel the pain
  • Now massage gently for pain alleviation and leave it overnight. For an effective result use the oil twice.


  • The Oil acquires its aroma from the blend of 5 different oils without any added synthetic scent.
  • The natural fragrance of the oil may wither away with time but that will not affect the effectiveness of the oil.

Ingredients Decoded :

Henua Pain Relief Oil is prepared with 45 ayurvedic ingredients which have an anti-inflammatory property to ease the pain and soothe the muscles while repairing tissues and joints.

The Key Ingredients in the Henua Pain Relief Oil

  • Almond Oil-The Almond Oil is known for its Anti-Inflammatory and Therapeutic property that eases pain and stress from the strained muscles while strengthening them.
  • Apricot Oil and Arnica Oil- The two oils are known for their pain management property which is generally used in medicines to ease the pain of Arthritis and other joint and muscle pain.
  • Clove Oil- Clove has a lot of benefits in Ayurveda and is especially known for its warm nature. Clove Oil when massaged gently on the skin reduces the ache and increases the blood flow.
  • Peppermint Oil- With a lot of benefits like aiding upset digestion, curing headaches, boosting energy peppermint is also known for its cooling effect. The cooling effect of peppermint oil cools down the sore muscles and allows movement by relieving pain.
  • Camphor Oil- Camphor Oil has properties like germicides, insecticides that help in alleviating the pain and swelling of the joint or muscle in pain.
  • Lavender Oil and Lemongrass Oil- Both Lavender Oil and Lemongrass Oil are known for their aromatherapy and anti-inflammatory property. Lavender oil has beta-caryophyllene in them that relieves the pain of joint by numbing effect. Whereas, Lemongrass has a citrous scent that adds a little fragrance to the oil.
  • More About Pain Relief Oil:
    • Soothes down the pain of joints and relaxes your muscles.
    • Controls swelling of joints and make bones stronger.
    • A gentle massage on a hectic day rejuvenates your body and mind.
    • Increases the circulation of blood and keeps you active.
    • The aroma of the oil improves the health of the body, mind, and soul.

    Joint and muscle pain can be like the worst nightmare. It is one of the most common things that is found among people. It usually occurs with aging but nowadays you can easily find people above 25 complaining about their joints and muscles.




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