Pure Nutrition Vitamin C 1250 mg (60 Tablets)



Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and a remarkably versatile nutrient, that is known for its many benefits including promoting strong immunity, and healthy skin, bone and joint health. These benefits make it one of the most essential vitamins. However, the body is unable to produce vitamin C on its own, therefore we rely on external sources like supplements and diet to make sure our body receives the required amount of this nutrient. To make it easily and readily available to you, Pure Nutrition brings Vitamin C pills with natural amla and orange peel extracts. It’s a perfect solution for your antioxidant and immunity needs.

  • Boosts immunity White blood cells are an important component of the immune system. Vitamin C helps stimulate the production and functioning of these WBCs. Vitamin C’s powerful antioxidant properties help protect certain WBCs from toxic components produced while encountering invading pathogens.
  • Promotes healthy skin & hair Vitamin C is not only a potent antioxidant but it also helps build collagen, which is extremely important for hair growth and maintaining healthy skin. Due to its antioxidant properties it plays a very important role in slowing the rate of free radicals which results in healthy skin.
  • Offers anti-ageing properties Aging is inevitable, but it sure can be slowed down with vitamin C added to your daily regimen. Vitamin C helps keep wrinkles, dryness, and fine lines at bay and works towards making the skin more radiant and youthful.
  • Supports joint health Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights against inflammation and plays a role in collagen synthesis, the most important protein in joint tissue and bone.


Natural Amla Extract
Amla is said to contain 20 times more vitamin C than oranges. It is the best herb for nourishing hair. It acts as a natural conditioner for healthy, shiny, and strong hair.

Orange Peel Extract
Orange peel extract is another great source of vitamin C. It helps protect the skin from damage and promotes healthy skin.


Type/Form: Capsule

Quantity: 60 Capsules

Package-Type: Bottle

Veg/Non-Veg: Veg

Lifestage: 1.5 Years


  • Take 1 tablet daily after breakfast, or as directed by a healthcare professional.
  • Cap the bottle tightly and store in a cool dark place after opening to retain its efficacy.

Country of Origin: INDIA



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Dimensions 15 × 5 × 5 cm


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