QNT L-Carnitine Support Fat Loss (60 capsules)



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L-Carnitine the most researched ingredient in the nutritional and health industry. It plays a vital role in cells by transfering long chain fatty acids into the mitochondria for fat breakdown and energy generation. It’s become popular among bodybuilders and athletes because of it’s nature to support great recovery by reducing the damaging effects that occur during intense workout and turning fat into a usable energy source. That way, you can get back in the gym, or on the field, in less time.

  • Helps to convert fat to energy
  • Helps to manage blood cholesterol levels
  • Helps to protect cell energy metabolism
  • Helps to improve muscle recovery after exercise
  • Helps to boost fat oxidation

Flavours: NO FLAVOUR

Packaging: 60 caps (60 servings)

Use: Take 1 cap each day with a meal


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