RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter Classic Creamy




RiteBite Max Protein Peanut Butter Classic Creamy Is gluten-free peanut butter made with real roasted peanuts. Our peanut butter spreads have no preservatives.

Product Overview

  • Max Protein Peanut Butter: Spread on the smiles every time you snack!
  • Real Roasted Peanuts: This gluten-free peanut butter is made with real roasted peanuts.
  • All Natural: Our peanut butter spreads have no preservatives, artificial flavours, or colours. 
  • Try Them All: Classic Creamy, Classic Crunchy, Choco Creamy, Unsweetened Crunchy, Unsweetened Creamy!
  • Wholesome and Delicious: Blend, bake or shake. The possibilities are endless! Combining taste & high-value ingredients, it is a perfect on-the-go snack for men and women.

Country of Origin ‏: ‎ India

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1 Kg, 340 gm


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