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RiteBite Plant Protein Powder Max Protein Cold Coffee Is A Fine Blend Of A Rich Source Of Natural Plant Proteins, A Complete Profile Of Essential Amino Acids.

Product Overview

  • Tasiest Plant Protein – Our Proprietary Process And Formulation Has Developed The Tastiest Plant Protein Which You Can Enjoy And Make It Part Of Your Daily Diet To Meet Your Protein Deficiencies.
  • The Complete Protein Powder For Everyday For You And Me – Our Plant Protein Powder Is A Fine Blend Of A Rich Source Of Natural Plant Proteins, A Complete Profile Of Essential Amino Acids. It Is The Tastiest Plant Protein That Comes In 7 Yummy Flavours. Max Protein Brand Is Loved By Millions Of Consumers For Their Tasty Protein Bars, Cookies, Chips And Muesli. So Whether You Want To Build Muscles Or Stay Fit, Or Lose Weight Our Plant Protein Is Your Everyday Tasty Protein Powder.
  • 2x More Protein Absorption – Our Plant Protein Powder Has A Combination Of Protein Digestive Enzymes And Probiotics Which Helps In Improving The Protein Absorption By 2x.
  • Complete Amino Acid Profile: It Has A Complete Profile Of Essential Amino Acids That Helps In Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Helps In Improving Gut Health – The Plant Protein Powder Is Enriched With Gut Friendly Probiotics That Helps In Reducing Bloating And Maintaining A Good Gut Health. A Healthy Gut Helps In Keeping Your Digestive System Healthy And Improves The Overall Immunity.
  • Helps To Weight Loss– One Scoop Of Plant Protein Offers 22gm Of Natural Protein Which Keeps Your Tummy Full For Longer And Helps In Avoiding Unnecessary Munching. Also, Plant Protein Offers Fiber And Other Essential Nutrients Which Helps In Managing A Healthy Weight Loss Over A Period Of Time.
  • Muscle Building And Strengthening – Our Products Is Made Of Natural Plant Protein That Are Filled With Protein, Fiber, and Vitamins And Offers A Complete Profile Of Amino Acids Which Helps In Building, Strengthening And Repairing Muscles. The Yummy Taste Makes It One Of The Favourite Pre And Post-Workout Protein Boost Drinks For Faster Muscle Recovery.
  • Zero Added Sugar – Wondering, How Come With Zero Sugar Our Products Taste To Yummy. That’s Our Strength.
  • Lactose/dairy Free – Max Protein’s Plant Protein Powder Free Of Any Dairy Product And It Tastes Yummy With Plain Water That Makes It A Preferred Choice For Lactose Intolerant People, But For Other People, It Taste Even Better With Dairy Milk.
  • How To Use – Just 3 Steps. Take One Scoop (Approx. 50g). Mix It Well With Water Or Milk As Per Your Choice. Shake It Well.

Country of Origin ‏: ‎ India

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1 Kg, 500 gm


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