The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 30% In Silicone Full Size 30ml


A Water-free, Stable Suspension Of 30% Pure L-ascorbic Acid In Light Silicones Wat

Vitamin C Is An Effective Antioxidant And Its Pure Form Of L-ascorbic Acid Has Been Shown To Help Reverse Multiple Signs Of Skin Ageing While Brightening The Skin When Applied Topically.

Note: The Format Of This Formula Is A Suspension Of Very Fine L-ascorbic Acid Powder And, As Such, Provides The Most Direct Exposure Of Extremely High Concentrations Of Vitamin C Topically. With Such Format, A Very Strong Tingling But Non-irritating Sensation Is Expected During The First 1-2 Weeks Of Use Until The Skin’s Tolerance To Such High Exposure Is Elevated. If The Sensation Is Too Strong To Tolerate, The Formula Can Be Mixed On Each Application With Other Creams Or Serums Of Your Prefere

Directions: Apply A Small Amount To Face In The Am Or The Pm (Pm Preferred). Avoid Contact With The Eyes. A Tingling Sensation Can Be Expected After Application. If This Sensation Is Too Strong, This Formula Can Be Diluted On Each Application With Your Favourite Serum Or Cream.


The Ordinary


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