Tikaram Naturals Neem Oil (Indian Lilac)



This oil is made up of a wonder plant that is recognized as a cleanser for ages. It’s natural anti-fungal properties help to get rid of dandruff and fights foot fungus. It is quite effective on hairs during the summer season when they get all itchy and irritable. It also nourishes the overall health of your hair. In the winter season, it can fight dryness by penetrating vitamin E and essential fatty acids into your skin. It has proved to be a big relief for patients with chickenpox.


A Neem Leaf Extract Gel Has Been Applied To The Teeth And Gums Twice Daily For 6 Weeks. 15 Ml Of 2% Neem Solution Used As A Mouthwash For 30 Seconds After Brushing Daily For 3 Weeks. 5 Ml Of Neem Solution Used As A Mouthwash Twice Daily For 30 Days.


Neem Leaf Is Used For Leprosy, Eye Disorders, Bloody Nose, Intestinal Worms, Stomach Upset, Loss Of Appetite, Skin Ulcers, Diseases Of The Heart And Blood Vessels (Cardiovascular Disease), Fever, Diabetes, Gum Disease (Gingivitis), And Liver Problems. The Leaf Is Also Used For Birth Control And To Cause Abortions.

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Neem Leaf

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Tikaram Naturals

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100 ml, 1000ml, 250ml, 30 ml, 500 ml


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