Henua UV Safe (SPF 30)


Most people know the importance of wearing sunscreen on hot summer days but did anyone tell us that it is equally essential to apply it indoors. Our skin gives us protection from harmful UV Rays and we should give it an extra layering shield against the Sun.

The blend of these oil gives protection against harmful UV Rays and their damage. Regular use of the oil control pre-mature ageing and safeguard skin burns. The oil has the tendency to heal your skin and dead cell from the deep roots to maintain skin tone. The antioxidant property protects the skin from infection and keeps it hydrated and rejuvenated.

More About the product :

Used For:

Henua UV Safe (SPF 30) Oil is an Ayurvedic solution for sun protection and damage caused to the skin by the sun. The blend of oil protects skin from harmful UV Rays and prevents anti-ageing. The oil also targets sunblock, sun-tan, and healing of dead cells under the skin.

How to use:

  • Take the drops of Henua UV Safe (SPF 30) Oil and slather a thick layer on your Sun exposed skin.
  • Now, massage it gently in a circular motion till the oil is absorbed. For effective use apply daily and if exposed to the Sun for more than 2 hours then apply every 2 hours.


  • The Oil acquires its aroma from the blend of 5 different oils without any added synthetic scent.
  • The natural fragrance of the oil may wither away with time but that will not affect the effectiveness of the oil.
Ingredients Decoded :
Henua UV Safe (SPF-30) Oil is prepared with 14 Ayurvedic ingredients which have sun damage repair properties. The blend of oil works from the roots of the dead cell to give healthy, flawless and sun damage-free skin.
The Key Ingredients in the Henua UV Safe (SPF 30)
Almond Oil and Vitamin E Oil: Almond Oil is rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids whereas Vitamin E Oil the main source of the vitamin. The properties of the oils prevent anti-ageing and reduce the formation of sunburns. Oils when absorbed in the skin moisturizes and soothes dry, flaky skin and helps in thickening the outermost layer of skin.Lavender Oil and Peppermint Oil:- The Oils are rich in anti-inflammatory and antibacterial property which promotes skin regeneration and blocking the sun harm. The therapeutic property of oils rejuvenates and soothes itchy and irritated skin.

Carrot Seed Oil:- The extracts of the oil add extra moisture to the skin when applied and replenishes and energize your skin. Carrot seed Oil is mainly known for its anti-ageing properties that block premature ageing and keeps your skin fresh and rejoiced.

Tea Tree Oil:- Tea Tree Oil is rich in Anti-bacterial property that helps to cure your skin of the root and avoids itchy and dry skin.

Roman Chamomile Oil:- Chamomile Oil is known as a natural remedy for all your skin problems. The oil is rich in calming and anti-inflammatory property that nourishes your skin and avoids skin irritation. Properties of oil are great for soothing and controlling skin complexion.

Saffron and Eucalyptus Oil:- Saffron Oil and Eucalyptus Oil are rich in the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property. The oils tend to cleanse the skin from the root and fights acne and sunblock. The oil is also used for aromatherapy the rejuvenates your skin.

Red Raspberry Oil:- Raspberries are an all-natural, single-ingredient sunscreen. The use of raspberry seed oil helps block UV rays. The oil acts as a high antioxidant booster for fighting free radicals. It combats sun damage and photoaging, boosts collagen and elastin for firmer skin

About UV Safe (SPF 30):

  • Protects from harmful UV-Rays.
  • Controls the signs of Anti-ageing.
  • Preserves the skin tone and heals from roots
  • Blocks and prevents Sun tan and burns.
  • Rejuvenates and replenishes your skin.

To protect and replenish your skin Henua introduced organically crafted UV Safe (SPF 30) Face Oil which is a blend of 14 Cold-Pressed Oils and Essential Oils.




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