Zindagi Green Coffee & Tea Capsules (60 Capsules)



Green tea & green coffee extract capsules are natural analogs for caffeine and are rich in antioxidants, improving immunity good for skincare. The presence of decaffeinated & unroasted arabica coffee bean extracts that contain chlorogenic acid is believed to be responsible for weight loss. This effective dietary supplement is perfect to lose weight. It also helps you to manage blood glucose levels, lowers blood pressure, and prevents excess fat levels in the body. It is made especially with a view to serve a quality life to diabetics, obese, and fitness-conscious people. A perfect way to maintain health and quality of life. Ingredients: Unroasted decaffeinated green coffee beans extract and tea leaf extract

100% natural Dietary Supplement And Vegetarian & Vegan Green Tea
Green Coffee With Pure Ingredients, Zero Fillers, Zero Binders, Zero Artificial Ingredients.
Natural Green Tea Extract. Effective For Managing Weight Goals.
Package Of Anti-Oxidants In Green Coffee, Perfect Appetite Suppressant, Immunity Booster
Usage: One Capsule Two Times A Day After A Meal Shelf Life:18 Months

Type: Capsules

Product Description: 9*5*4





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