Zindagi Moringa Extract Capsules (60 Capsules)



Zindagi Moringa capsules are made up of pure moringa leaf extract. Moringa herb is very useful for all age groups. Moringa leaves contain all necessary nutrients, vitamins & minerals. Moringa leaf powder capsules are used as a natural health supplement. Anybody can take this very easily. For better results take one capsule twice a day with lukewarm water. Zindagi Moringa leaves powder, Moringa Extract, Moringa tablets & Pills are also available.

Zindagi Moringa Capsules are 100% Natural & Pure.
Moringa Extract contains lots of Nutrients & Antioxidants.
Moringa powder capsules are the best source of Vitamin A & Vitamin C.
Moringa is loaded with Calcium, Fiber, Protein & Iron.

Type: Capsule

Product Dimension: 9*5*4





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