Zindagi Pure Wheatgrass Juice Extract (500 ml)



Zindagi Wheat Grass Juice is extracted from the purest Wheatgrass to ensure maximum benefits. Made entirely from organically grown ingredients, it does not contain any artificial flavours or colours – its rich green colour comes from chlorophyll, a natural anti-oxidant and blood strengthener. Instead of the regular 12-15 day timeline, we cut our Wheatgrass 8 days after irrigation, when the chlorophyll content is maximum, to obtain the greatest effects on health and wellness.

Wheatgrass is a popularly known superfood and is power-packed with essential nutrients which help enhance weakened immune systems.
Wheatgrass juice can help to balance the pH of your scalp and ultimately repair the hair follicles.
Wheatgrass contains a high level of enzymes that help in improving digestion.
Wheatgrass enhances your natural health and addresses both internal and external bodily issues.
Usage:30 ml twice a day for adults and 5-10 ml twice daily for kids.

Type: Liquid

Product Dimension: 19*7*5





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