Zindagi Stevia Dried Leaf Green Powder (50 gm)



Zindagi Stevia Green Powder is made from a natural source of the Stevia plant whose leaves are naturally sweet. Stevia leaves are also known as Meethi Tulsi in India. Zindagi Stevia Green powder is sweet just like Sugar and helps save approximately 18 calories for every 5g of Sugar replaced with 0.5g of Sugar-Free Green Powder Concentrate.


ZINDAGI STEVIA zero sugar is a 100% natural sweetener. It is Diabetic friendly sweetener, It is very helpful to reduce calories.
It contains only dry Stevia leaves which is a 100% natural herb. It blends easily in any sweet thing, It can be cooked and baked.
Stevia is the best substitute for refined sugar. Unlike other sweeteners, it does not contain any artificial sweeteners and chemicals like ASPARTAME, SUCRALOSE, and LACTOSE.
Stevia sweetener is safe for children, pregnant women, and for daily use.

Type: powder

Product Description: 8*7*8





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