ZINDAGI Stevia Dry Tulsi Leaf For Tea (35 gm)



Zindagi Tulsi dry leaves have many health benefits. Tulsi, commonly used as a home remedy. These leaves intake in the right form is beneficial for Diabetes & Blood Pressure. It has antioxidant properties which help boost immunity. It helps provide relief from cough & cold. It is also good for joints and liver health. Tulsi dry leaves have been used for centuries to cure symptoms of various diseases and ailments but its power as an adaptogen gets the most notice in modern times. It believes that tulsi is the best herb to improve overall health.

Zindagi Tulsi Dry Leaves Can Be Used In Tea, Green Tea Or With Any Drink & Food.
Tulsi Herb Is Always Very Helpful To Increase The Immunity Of The Body.
Tulsi Dried Leaves Are Pure & Natural.
Tulsi Leaf Is Rich In Vitamins & Minerals Like Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Iron & Potassium
No Added Preservatives, Self Life 18 Months

Type: Leaves

Product Dimension: 12*6*7





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