Zindagi Stevia Tablet -Health Substitute for Diabetics (100 Tablets )



Zindagi Stevia Tablets are made of natural Zero-calorie sweeteners and in the best alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners in daily life (Zindagi). Zindagi Stevia Tablets can be used in beverages or can be used for cooking, boiling, or baking. No calories, No Carbohydrates, No artificial ingredients. The non-glycaemic response, no bitterness, no aftertaste. It is safe for diabetics.

Zindagi Stevia Powder Is A 100% Natural Replacement Of Cane Sugar. It Is A Perfect Addition To Your Morning Coffee & Tea.
Stevia Is 100% Diabetic & Obese Friendly With Best Tasting Zindagi Stevia Powder Available In The Market.
Unlike Other Sweeteners, It Does Not Contain Any Artificial Sweeteners & Chemical like Aspartame, Sucralose, and Lactose.
Stevia Powder Is Free From Nasty Additives With Zero Calories & No Carbs. Natural Stevia Drops Could Be Blend Easily In All Desserts & Beverages.

Type: Tablets

Product Dimension:13*11*3





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