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Nutrelis is a well-known brand in the field of agriculture. One of their products is Parmal Raw Rice. The quality of Nutrelis brand rice is excellent and their price is very affordable. We are also able to provide this high-quality product at reasonable prices for our customers all over the country. Nutrelis Is A Well-known […]

Nutrelis Steam Rice | Buy in Wholesale | Richesm

Richesm is a wholesale online platform for Nutrelis Steam Rice. The product range comprises Nutrelis Steam Rice and we offer it at an affordable price in the market. We sell to both individuals and businesses, as well as overseas customers who want to buy Nutrelis Steam Rice at cheap prices. Nutrelis Steam Rice Is A […]

Nutrelis Sona Masoori Steam Rice | Buy in Wholesale | Richesm

For those who love the taste of rice, Nutrelis Sona Masoori Steam Rice is a perfect choice. This rice has been grown using advanced farming techniques and with the use of quality seeds imported from Pakistan. You will not find it anywhere else in the market as it is home-grown to perfection by farmers who […]

Nutrelis Punjab Steam Rice | Buy in Wholesale | Richesm

Nutrelis Punjab Steam Rice is a premium quality steam rice that can be used to prepare rich dishes. The Nutrelis brand has been synonymous with quality, nutrition, and taste for over four decades now. They are the pioneers in providing nutritious ready-to-eat meals within minutes that have helped millions of people lead healthier and happier […]

Nutrelis Golden Parboiled Rice | Buy in Wholesale | Richesm

Golden parboiled rice is a premium quality rice that is used in many different cuisines. It has been used for thousands of years and is one of the world’s most popular types of rice today. In addition to being delicious, this type of rice is also very high in nutritional value and can help keep […]

Nutrelis Creamy Parboiled Rice | Buy in Wholesale | Richesm

The creamy parboiled rice is a very popular dish in India and it is consumed by many people. This is an excellent recipe for rice that tastes as good as it looks. The rice is parboiled to increase its shelf life and its nutritional value. Parboiled rice has been used throughout Asia for centuries as […]

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We make premium steam rice using advanced production techniques and our team of experts ensures that our products are safe and healthy to consume. We at Nutrelis Agro Food, provide healthy food solutions for people. We work hard to ensure that each grain of rice we produce meets the highest standards of quality in terms […]