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Women 10k run

Marathon For Women 10k, 5k, Or 3k (Walk/run/team Run)

What Is A Marathon? 

A marathon is a running event consisting of running a specified distance at a given time. Marathons mostly take place in the form of a road race, although there are some that are in the form of cross-country or on uneven roads.

Why Are We Running Marathons? 

  • A test of your self-strength and energy
  • Raising awareness and supporting causes
  • A healthy lifestyle and running will keep you fit 
  • Relieves stress
  • It is fun to organise and participate in the event with friends and colleagues.
  • We get a certificate, goodies, and shirts as complementary.

How To Get The Energy To Run A Marathon?

To run marathons, one needs to have full strength and energy. Explore at RichesM, a wide variety of protein shakes, protein powders, and energy drinks.

We need a lot of energy to run such marathons. Energy drinks, protein shakes, and protein powder is essential for long-distance runners. Athletes need to use such protein powder after exercise to increase their energy and build muscles. It is not easy to run a marathon, especially for beginners. But many people show interest, as it seems to be the rage these days although it is not for everyone. Reasons differ from person to person why they chose to run in marathons and in my own opinion. 

Event Details: 

The women’s 10K run is organized by the AIPL Business Club, Sec 62, Gurugram.

Venue: On ground / Virtual

Date: Mar 06, 2022

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