AccuSure Cervical Collar Soft (All Sizes)


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AccuSure is lightweight and manufactured using PU froth sensitivity, this pad provides extra comfort. It provides effective support to the neck while extending the life of the object. The neck muscles are relaxed by keeping the neck in a slightly relaxed position. It offers incredible comfort and support while at the same time relaxing on your back or side. The special magic of Memory Foam Contour could bring more comfort and support than ever before. Other highlights: Contour Ergonomic Shape goes as support for sensitive heads: Engage in glamor and support with Contour Pillow to help your little ones relax the best. It reduces neck, shoulder, and back pain by allowing the neck and shoulders to relax completely. It promotes formal spinal alignment and ensures good rest and peaceful evenings. The High-Density Memory froth provides sweetness, better air circulation, and breathability.

  • Stabilizes the neck and immobilizes the cervical spine
  • Restricts cervical spine flexion, extension, and rotation
  • No hard, bony reinforcement, improves patient comfort. Particularly recommended for geriatric patients and for prolonged use.
  • Anatomical design provides uniform support to the mandible, better fitting, and enhanced comfort. Bullet Point
  • Perforated collar body improves ventilation, comfort, and compliance.

Country Of Origin: India

Additional information

Weight 300 g
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 10 cm

L, M, S, XL

1 review for AccuSure Cervical Collar Soft (All Sizes)

  1. rfs.shivanshu14

    this product are so good ,comfortable and relief to pain..

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