AccuSure Cervical Pillow for Shoulder and Neck


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You can relieve neck pain by keeping it in a stable position and supporting the cervical region. This AccuSure Cervical Collar is intended to assist, disable and reverse the neck in turning, enlargement and expansion hyper-augmentation position. The anatomical position of this neck collar ensures proper alignment with better support. To provide better comfort and durability, this aid is built with high-thickness PU froth. The poly-propylene eyelets used in this neck lift provide the right amount of air to promote continuous comfort.

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Neck Support
  • Exercise Type: Support Gear, Yoga & Pilates
  • Sport Type: Fitness

Country Of Origin: India

Additional information

Weight 1007 g
Dimensions 23 × 16 × 4.8 cm

1 review for AccuSure Cervical Pillow for Shoulder and Neck

  1. Viji

    I had a average opinion before buying this product . when I tried this first time .. i felt it hard on my back .. though it was almost same or even softer than my Bed . After 2 days .. My body , My back got used to it . My reflux issue is very less now . Not taking Medicine . The product quality is good . The edge is smooth for my BACK . I liked the product .

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