The charcoal face wash is a deep clean, pore-refining natural solution which effectively protects skin from pollution, stops excessive oil, exfoliates dead skin cells & draws out 2 times more dirt and impurities. This highly effective formula is powered with activated charcoal & refreshing distillates of rose, lotus, butea & marigold which efficiently restores skin cell matrix, reduces dark spots & unclogs pores. Instantly purify & brightens skin.

Benefits your skin with

  • Detoxifies your skin
  • Drawers out 2X impurities
  • Reduces dark spots
  • Restores skin cells
  • Unclogs pores
  • Replenishes ample nutrients

Exclusive benefits :

  • A rare combination of charcoal with floral & fruit distillates
  • Enriched with a divine blend of Rose, Marigold & Lotus in its purest distilled form
  • Distillates are obtained by the authentic “Ark pak Vidhi” mentioned in the ancient text which effectively-
  • Keep skin hydrated for longer
  • It is more gentle on the skin
  • Posses high moisture content
  • It matches up with the skin’s natural pH

Key ingredients & their exquisite benefits :

Activated Charcoal:  The activated carbon with its highly adsorbing capacity unclog pores & draws out micro dirt, pollution & impurities present on the skin surface. Leaving it ultra clean & detoxified.

Distillates Of Marigold:  Marigold enriched with abundant vitamins & antioxidants, actively normalizes the activity of the sebaceous gland, reduces irritation & promotes dewy skin.

Fresh Rose Distillates: Rose being a natural astringent & moisturizing elixir helps tightens pores & lock skin moisture levels. Leaving the skin firm, smooth & moisturized.

Distillates Of  Orange: Orange enriched with powerful vitamin C antioxidants, helps neutralize the skin damage caused due to free radicals & effectively reduces dark spots, even out skin texture & revives damaged skin cells. 

Fresh Lotus Distillates: Lotus rich in skin beneficial nutrients such as vitamin A, flavonoids & potent antioxidants, instantly hydrates, outshines & brightens skin complexion to its core.

The direction of use :

Use daily, the ideal skincare ritual that your skin will love.

  • Take a small quantity into a wet palm & work into a lather.
  • Gently massage in a circular motion, on a damp face & neck.
  • Rinse with water & pat dry.

Complete your skincare regimen : 

Use Ultra-hydrating face emulsion cream after washing your face with charcoal face wash, which will further nourish & hydrate your skin throughout the day.

For oily skin:- 

 Use Oil control mattifying cream after washing your face with charcoal face wash

hydrate skin, controls oil production & fight breakouts, leaving your skin soft & matte finish.


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