Anupam Ayurveda Amla Swaras (500ml)


Rich source of Vitamin C and acts as an immunity-booster.


Anupam Amla juice is undiluted unpasteurized and 100% pure Anupam Amla juice maximizes your health and wellness which helps to retain all the nutritional value of the fruit. Treat your body to the goodness of Anupam Amla juice and reap the benefits.


1.Rich in vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C, Iron and calcium.
2. Protects against common cough and cold and build general immunity.
3. Regulate the blood pressure and blood sugar levels keeping both vitamins and healthy range.
4. Delays the effects of aging by giving you glowing skin and shiny hair.
5. Helpful in digestion-contains a high amount of fiber which strengthens the digestive system and improves the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients by the body.

6. It regulates healthy bowel movement and reduces acidity and gastric inflammation.
7. Antioxidant and blood purifier-its antioxidant effective brightens your skin and give it a natural glow.

8. It is also a blood purifier that can keep skin infections acne and pimples at bay.

9. Drinking Amla juice regularly keeps hair strong and shiny and prevents premature greying of hair.
10. Helpful in weight management-it enhances protein synthesis which helps burn body fat and aids weight loss.


It is best to have Amla juice in the morning empty stomach 20 -30ml diluted in a glass of water. You can choose to mix a bit of lemon juice and honey to enhance the palatability. Amla juice taken right before sleeping helps a great deal. It also helps in detoxifying the ill effects of junk food.


Available in 500 ml pack

180.00 Rs


Onset of action of the medicine on the disease & duration of treatment of the medicine depends on the various factors like severity & sign & symptoms of the disease, age & physical condition of the patient etc. Please consult your Ayurvedic physician for more information.


Anupam Ayurveda


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