Baidyanath Balarishta



🌿 Boost Your Vitality with Baidyanath Balarishta: Ayurvedic Tonic for Overall Well-being!

🌿 Formulated with potent Ayurvedic herbs to enhance vitality and strength.
💪 Supports overall physical and mental well-being.
🌱 Helps in rejuvenating the body and improving stamina.
🌿 Promotes healthy digestion and metabolism.
🧠 Supports cognitive function and helps reduce stress.
🌿 Suitable for individuals looking to maintain their overall health and vitality.
🌞 Enhances energy levels and promotes a sense of well-being.


Baidyanath Balarishta Ayurvedic medicine Is helps to manage the cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, low backache, knee pain due to osteoarthritis, etc.

Product Overview

Balarishta (also spelled as Balarishtam) is an Ayurvedic medicine categorized under Arishta Category, which is used for all diseases occurring due to Vata aggravation or excess Vata in the body. Vata disorders are mostly related to nervous system and musculoskeletal system. So, the main action of the Balarishtam is observable on the brain, nerves, muscles, ligaments, bones and joints.

Therapeutic Use

Indicated in vat rog, nervous system and effective for debility.


Bala, Jaggery (Gud), Dhai Ke Phool, Badi Ela, Prasarini, Laung, Ushir, Gokhru, Rasna


3 to 6 teaspoonfull with an equal quantity of water twice a day after meals

Country of Origin: ‎ India

Additional information


450 ml, 225 ml, 680 ml


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