Dabur Hommade Tomato Puree (200 grams)

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Dabur Hommade Tomato Puree
Add the taste and rich colour of fresh tomatoes to your dishes with ease. a. Made with 7 hand-picked, fresh, juicy and ripe tomatoes, Dabur Hommade Tomato Puree is perfect for all types of cuisines. Add a mix of fresh tomatoes to your dishes with ease.

About Dabur Homemade: An integral part of the Dabur family, Dabur Homemade has been a household name for 13 years. It has been a pioneer in conceptualising and creating cooking pastes, thereby revolutionising convenience and taste in Indian kitchens. Dabur Hommade’s range of ginger paste, garlic paste, ginger-garlic paste and tamarind paste has been a household name for a decade. Over the years, the product basket has seen the inclusion of tomato puree, lemoneez, coconut milk and capsicum. The products symbolise freshness and authentic flavour, a rare combination, credited to the selection of the best ingredients and a meticulous process.

With all the goodness and taste of real tomatoes, the Dabur Hommade Tomato Puree lends the perfect
Made from the finest quality tomatoes.
No added salt, colour or preservatives
100% Natural Taste & Flavour
Free of skin & seeds
natural flavour, colour, texture and thickness in recipes.
Great to use in:
Dum Aloo
Paneer Butter Masala
Shahi Paneer
Butter Chicken


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