Dr. Vaidya’s MyPrash for Post Delivery Care



Benefits of MyPrash for Post Delivery Care

  • Helps promote recovery post pregnancy
  • Helps promote lactation
  • Helps regenerate energy levels
  • Supports in getting back to pre-pregnancy shape


Dr. Vaidya’s MyPrash for Post-Delivery Care is a sugar-free formulation specially crafted to provide postnatal care for mothers. MyPrash has a host of benefits as it helps boost lactation in new mothers, boosts their energy levels by reducing fatigue, and also helps their bodies heal and recover faster after childbirth. Moreover, it also helps them get back to their pre-pregnancy shape while building long-term immunity too.

The 50+ ayurvedic herbs present in this MyPrash help with postpartum recovery and helps improve calcium levels to strengthen bones and muscles. MyPrash also increases iron in the body, thus boosting haemoglobin levels. Dr. Vaidya’s MyPrash is churned with pure cow ghee and is absolutely safe for breastfeeding mothers. It is made to provide nutrients required for post-delivery care. New mothers can start consuming MyPrash two weeks after delivery.

Key Ingredients in MyPrash for Post-Delivery Care:

MyPrash for post delivery care by Dr. Vaidya’s is a special upgrade to regular chyawanprash that helps build immunity of new mothers along with providing other benefits. The 50+ ayurvedic ingredients help with postnatal care for mothers.

  • • Amla : Amla has healing properties that help with postpartum recovery, and helps increase the haemoglobin level of new mothers as it promotes iron absorption.
  • • Shauktik : The component is known to strengthen muscles and improve bone strength.
  • • Triphala : The ayurvedic herb offers a great deal of post-delivery care as it helps improve digestion and the immune system post-childbirth.
  • • Shatavari: It is an ayurvedic medicine to increase breast milk production by increasing hormones that stimulate milk production.

Who Should Take it?

MyPrash for post delivery care is known to provide multiple benefits to new mothers for them to recover while taking good care of their children. If you have recently given birth, we recommend that you consume MyPrash for post delivery care. However, if you are struggling with the following issues post pregnancy complications, you should consume the concoction regularly:

  • Slow recovery post-pregnancy: The body becomes weak after giving birth and it recovers at its own pace. However, if you feel that you are recovering slowly, despite a good post natal diet and medicine, MyPrash can help your body recover and heal faster.
  • Unable to Lactate : Several new mothers struggle with being unable to lactate enough for their children. While there are multiple reasons for being unable to lactate, Shatavari in MyPrash is a great ayurvedic medicine to increase breast milk and improve lactation.
  • Poor Digestion and Low immunity : Postnatal care for mothers is crucial for them to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies. However, several mothers struggle with poor digestion and low immunity. The MyPrash for post delivery care is an upgraded version of chyawanprash that helps improve immunity and digestion.

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