Product Overview

Genestrone is a formula we created over a very long time to offer the ultimate experience for those looking to naturally enhance their testosterone levels through legitimate means. Genestrone quickly became a very big favourite with our customers upon launch with “rave reviews” flooding our HQ!

Why Genestrone? 

Genestrone is unlike any other natural testosterone booster. It utilises a very specific formula which comprises of ingredients such as: 

  • Turkesterone which is from the natural ecdysteroids family
  • 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone 

These are the main ingredients which provide a seriously potent anabolic foundation for Genestrone! Critically, our Turkesterone is very carefully sourced from the world’s most premium centre for this ingredient in Uzbekistan. Most other variants of this ingredient you see for sale online are from cheaper alternatives which are significantly less potent! 

Once you’ve tried this you won’t ever go back!

Is This Product For Me?

If you’re looking to build muscle as quickly as you can whilst benefiting from increases in strength then Genestrone is a great idea!

When Should I Use It?

Typically take your daily serving 3-4 hours prior to training! However if you’re using a “double dose” protocol then take your first serving upon waking and the second 3-4 hours before training. If you train upon waking take your serving the night before!


Turkesterone (Ajuga Turkestanica Extract), Icariin (Epimedium Extract), 20-Beta-Hyroxyecdysterone, Suma Root Extract

Note: Dosages are advisory. Your training or nutrition coach may suggest dosages & timing that more suit your specific protocols/goals. Very positive results are reported from 2 x 3 capsule servings per day. Colour may also vary, upon each new batch capsulated.

Genestrone, when tested, gave a result to indicate the presence of certain androgens derived from the natural ecdysteroid components within this product. These are replicative of adrogens naturally produced by the adrenal gland and the gonads. Therefore its use within tested sports or organisations who test for performance enhancing components is entirely at the individual’s discretion.

This product is blended and capsulated off-site, eliminating the risk of any cross-contamination with any of our other non Black Series products. 

Additonal Information

Each 3 capsule serving provides:

Turkesterone: 1000mg providing active 50mg, Icariin: 500mg (active), 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone: 300mg(active), Suma Root: 300mg (active)

Allergen Warning: None

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

Suitable For Vegetarians

Soy Free

Size: 90 Capsules/Up to 30 servings


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