GNC Pro Performance Power Protein Chocolate (2 Kg)

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Product Description

Discover the MUSCLE SUPER-FUEL for all your bodybuilding goals with the revolutionary GNC Pro Performance Power Protein. Designed to unleash the fitness champion in you, this power-packed blend not just contains 100% pure whey but also other high-quality & clinically proven ingredients, including Creatine, BCAAs, L-Glutamine & more to give you a Full Protein Stack for the fastest muscle growth and recovery like never before.

  • 30gms Protein
  • 1500mg Creatine
  • 2218mg L-Glutamine
  • 1054mg L-Arginine
  • 500mg Tribulus terrestris
  • 2744mg BCAA

GNC Pro Performance Power Protein goes beyond regular protein supplements with its versatile composition. Its formula not just includes 100% premium Whey Concentrate but is also enriched with rich muscle-supporting ingredients to present a multipurpose supplement that lets you take on any fitness challenge.

Each serving (2 scoops) of the GNC’s Power Protein packs in a whopping 30gms of 100% pure & premium Whey Concentrate to boost your exercise performance and subsequent muscle mass growth.  

The potent BCAAs in the formula provides a rich source of amino acids that immediately get to work on rebuilding the muscle tissues for the fastest recovery.

GNC’s Power Protein powder contains L-Arginine that boosts Nitric Oxide production to improve blood circulation, which increases oxygen supply towards muscles to make them stronger and more active. 

The Power Protein is formulated with Creatine & L-Glutamine to keep you pumped up with high energy and stamina while you confidently undertake heavy training.

GNC’s Power Protein contains a special super-herb Tribulus Terrestris that increases testosterone levels while building strength, endurance, and superior athletic performance.

The gluten-free formula is mixed with a special digestive enzyme Pro-Hydrolase Protease, which makes this Power Protein easy on the stomach with no instances of bloating or heaviness.

GNC’s Power Protein strikes a perfect balance of health and taste for enjoyable and guilt-free consumption. It has a yummy flavor to make your taste buds happy, and the formula contains zero added sugar for a healthier protein powder.

Country Of Origin: USA


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