HealthFarm Series Nitro Fusion Whey Isolate Protein (2 Kg)

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Product Name: Nitro Fusion

Flavor: Cookies & Cream | Size: 4.4 lbs

HF SERIES® NITRO FUSION is a protein-rich supplement enriched with Creatine & Amino acids. It consists of proteins derived from whey protein isolate, which contains the highest portion of pure proteins. The rich ingredients can help in the development of your muscles. It comes packed with Creatine, An amino acid that aids in gaining enhanced strength and muscle volume fast. Due to the presence of Creatine in this supplement, you can gain more strength than regular whey proteins. It even helps to increase your overall workout intensity, thereby helping you gain muscles.


  • Nitro Fusion is a scientifically engineered whey isolate protein formula and is enhanced with the most studied form of Creatine for even better gains in muscle and strength. It also features whey protein, which is the most popular type of protein. Whey protein is made up of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and essential amino acids (EAAs), and has the highest biological value (the measure of how well your body absorbs and assimilates protein).
  • The whey protein in Nitro Fusion is sourced primarily from whey isolates-cleanest and purest protein source available. Using these proteins on a daily basis is vital in helping to increase muscle protein synthesis for more muscle size and strength.
  • Designed for all athletes who are looking for more muscle, more strength, and better performance.

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Weight 2400 g
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 28 cm



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