Insane Labz Wake the Dead Smelling Salts Is A Potent Smelling Salt (Enhanced With Spearmint), Developed By The Mad Chemist To Help You Get Your Best Lift.

Product Overview

Wake the dead smelling salts is a potent smelling salt (enhanced with spearmint), developed by the mad chemist to help you get your best lift. Our smelling salts, when hydrated in accordance with the label, release ammonia gas – triggering a strong inhalation reflex. This reflex causes the muscles that control breathing to work faster, while also activating the sympathetic nervous system – increasing the heart rate, blood pressure, and brain activity.

  • Used as an aid by power lifters, strongmen, weightlifters and strength athletes looking for increased focus for PR lifts
  • Perfect amount of strength to get you ready, without being so strong that it causes you to lose focus

Directions For Use

  • Open bottle
  • Add 1 capful of water to cotton ball under lid
  • Resecure the lid and shake well
  • Carefully approach the bottle of salts to your nostrils and inhale a slight whiff
  • Close bottle securely after use

Country of Origin: ‎ USA


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