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Muscle Doctor ISO Gain is a strong lean muscle gainer specially designed to promote muscle growth. The carb and protein blend helps in providing the right calorie support that is important for advanced excretion during workout sessions thus helping the body to recover from the intense training. The high biological proteins are digestible and easy on the gut which helps in better absorption of them so the amino acids are fully present in the body giving strength to each and every muscle.

  • ISO gain is made up of 46g of protein, 48g of carb, and 10.3g of BCAAs to enhance muscle growth and body gain. 
  • The unique blend helps in absorption and digestion in the body making it stronger and powerful. 
  • With 403 kcal, you get ample energy to fuel your workout sessions and gain body weight. 
  • Take one scoop of ISO Gain and make a milkshake with low fat or no-fat milk and consume twice a day.

Country Of Origin: India

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