Mystiq Nature Golden Turmeric Mix is a unique blend of high-grade Turmeric and 12 natural ingredients like Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Tulsi and others that boosts immunity, detoxifies body, relieves from stress and reduces muscles and joint pains. The high-grade Turmeric in Mystiq Nature has 4 times more curcumin than regular turmeric that works as a powerful source of antioxidant and is a daily essential for a healthy life.

Turmeric Golden Mix is a delicious drink to detox, bring relief in cough & cold, reduce stress, improve digestion, reduce muscle & joint pains and boost immunity naturally.


1) Add 1 tsp of Mystiq Nature Turmeric Golden Mix and 1 slice of lemon to 110ml of just boiled water (1 cup) and stir well.

2) Add 1 Tsp of MystiqNature Turmeric Golden Mix to 110ml of hot or cold milk & stir well.

3) Add 1 tsp of Mystiq Nature Turmeric Golden Mix to 50gm of curd or Yogurt.

Enjoy your daily intake of MystiqNature Turmeric Golden Mix with great taste and stay healthy.

MYSTIQ NATURE TURMERUC GOLDEN MIX is made from High Grade Turmeric sourced from Kerala & North East of India and 12 natural herbs & spices like Black Pepper, Ginger, True Cinnamon, Moringa, Tulsi, Ashwagandha and others. Mystiq Nature’s proprietary formulation of 100% natural herbs & spices helps body to absorb nutrients & gives strong natural protection through detoxification of body, inflammation reduction, relief from sore throat & muscle pain and anti-microbial properties that help you fight various infections.

Prepare a quintessential Mystic Tea or a classic Turmeric Latte or a Golden Banana Smoothie and in various other ways to include Mystiq Nature Turmeric Golden Mix in your daily routine.


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