Nature Sure Herbal Anti-Acne Cream (50 gm)




Nature Sure Anti-Acne Cream is the best natural weapon to fight acne, pimples and skin ageing.

Nature Sure Anti-Acne Cream is an ayurvedic and natural beauty treatment to remove acne, pimples and acne scars. Its highly effective combination of 100% pure & natural herbs possesses a high amount of antioxidants that protect skin against premature ageing, wrinkles and dark spots. Nature Sure Herbal Anti-Acne Cream promotes blood circulation and supplies more oxygen & nutrients to the skin and thus keeping the skin radiant & glowing.

Nature Sure Anti-Acne Cream acts as an excellent exfoliating agent and eliminates dead skin cells, pollutants and remove toxins from the skin. The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of its natural herbs work as a powerful antidote for acne, pimples and skin ageing. The inherent power of natural herbs in Nature Sure Anti-Acne Cream has potency against acne inducing bacteria – Propionibacterium acne and Staphylococcus epidermidis.
The regular use of Nature Sure Anti-Acne Cream improves complexion, eliminates pimples, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, skin sagging, and provides an anti-ageing effect. With its curative properties, Nature Sure Anti-Acne Cream restores and rejuvenates skin and keeps it moisturized & hydrated throughout the day.

The best natural weapon to fight acne, pimples and skin ageing:
1. Treats pimples, acne, acne scars & blemishes
2. Eliminates fine lines, wrinkles & dark spots
3. Stops skin ageing, skin sagging & pigmentation
4. Keeps skin clean, radiant, toned & glowing
5. Suited for all skin types: oily, dry, normal


• Useful for pimples, acne & acne scars.
• Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles & dark spots.
• Slows down signs of ageing.
• Suited for all skin types.


Wash your face with clean water. Take enough quantity of Nature Sure Acne Cream and apply on your face. While applying specially target the affected skin area (acne, pimples, scars, pigmentation, spots, wrinkles, etc.). Use twice daily.


Black pepper, Red sandalwood, Jaiphal (Nutmeg), Amla (Gooseberry)

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Country Of Origin: India

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