Nisarg Organic Natural Black Mehndi 25g (Pack Of 10)

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Nisarg Black Mehndi is an all-natural, organic mehndi powder made with 100% pure, chemical-free ingredients, sourced directly from our own farm. We use only the highest quality natural ingredients to ensure a safe, healthy, and vibrant henna color. Our mehndi powder is free of any harmful chemicals or additives and is the perfect choice for natural, farm-based mehndi that is safe to use. Enjoy beautiful, vibrant henna designs with Nisarg Black Mehndi!


Nisarg Black Mehndi

Nisarg Black Mahedi Powder is the perfect solution for natural, nourishing hair colour. Made from pure Black Mahedi Powder, this colour provides a deep, rich black hue that will make your hair look darker and shinier. Packed with herbal ingredients, Nisarg Black Mahedi Powder can help prevent hair fall, treat itchy scalp, and provide incredible nourishment to dry, thinning hair. Get the perfect natural colour and nourishment with Nisarg Black Mahedi Powder today!

Nisarg Black Mehndi Benefits:

  • Makes the hair darker and shinier
  • Useful in preventing hair fall
  • Treats itchy scalp
  • Highly beneficial for dry, thinning hair
  • Controlling dandruff and makes the hair thicker

This Is Our Farm Base Product.


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