OSOAA Whey Matrix Protein Powder 



💪 Elevate Your Performance with OSOAA Whey Matrix Protein Powder: Power Up Your Workouts!

💪 Specially formulated to fuel your muscles with a blend of high-quality whey protein.
🥛 Provides essential amino acids for muscle repair, growth, and recovery.
🏋️‍♂️ Perfect for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts looking to optimize their performance.
🍫 Delicious flavor options to satisfy your taste buds and make protein intake enjoyable.
🛡️ Supports overall muscle health and strength with its advanced protein matrix.
🌿 Made with premium ingredients and trusted by fitness professionals for its effectiveness.
🌍 Suitable for individuals seeking a reliable protein supplement to support their fitness goals.


OSOAA Whey Matrix Protein Powder is designed in a way to deliver the purest form of whey protein and essential ingredients with just 3.9g of carbs per serve.

Product Overview

  • Low in carbs and fat: focusing mainly on the lean muscle gainers, osoaa whey protein isolate is designed in a way to deliver the purest form of whey protein and essential ingredients with just 3.9g of carbs and 0.6g of fat per serve.
  • Essential nutrients: osoaa whey protein isolate comes with the powerful combination of 27.2g protein, 21.4g EAA, 7.1g BCAA, 5.5g glutamine, 128 calories, 0.6g fat, along with this it does not contain any sugar, preservatives or fillers, thus keeping your fitness goals at the topmost priority.
  • Builds lean muscle mass: the ultra-filtered osoaa whey protein isolate comes with the purest protein that helps to improve muscle protein synthesis and promote the growth of lean muscle tissue, thus ensuring you with absolutely perfect shape.
  • Fast digesting and absorbing: osoaa whey protein isolate is naturally easy to digest and absorb without causing any stomach discomfort or acid reflux which helps in optimizing muscle repair, preventing muscle wasting and providing greater gains in shortest time.
  • Proven results for better performance: osoaa whey protein isolate – unflavoured/raw has only one ingredient and that is our premium imported whey protein isolate (90%) and nothing else. Premium quality ingredients that have met all the strict quality standards with an advanced filtration system that gently processes whey to prevent the protein structure from becoming denatured.

Country of Origin: ‎India

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