Plix Strength Vegan Plant Protein Powder



🌱 Boost Your Strength Naturally with Plix Strength Vegan Plant Protein Powder: Power Up Your Workouts!

🌱 Formulated with a potent blend of plant-based ingredients to support muscle strength and growth.
🌱 Perfect for fitness enthusiasts and athletes looking to enhance their strength and performance.
🌱 Each serving delivers a complete amino acid profile for optimal muscle recovery and development.
🌱 Supports overall muscle health and endurance with its natural and nutrient-rich formula.
🌱 Trusted by individuals committed to their fitness goals for its purity and effectiveness.
🌱 Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and anyone seeking a clean and sustainable protein source.</


Plix Plant Protein Powder Vegan Supplement Is A Unique Blend Of Pea Protein Isolate And Brown Rice Protein That Provides All The Nine Essential Amino Acids In One Scoop.

Product Overview

  • Complete Amino Acid Profile: Plix Strength Is A Unique Blend Of Pea Protein Isolate And Brown Rice Protein That Provides All The Nine Essential Amino Acids In One Scoop. One Scoop Gives You 25 Grams Of Complete Plant Protein And 5 Grams Of Bcaa That Are Essential To Maintain A Healthy Diet.
  • Strength And Nourishment: Our Blend Also Consists Of Antioxidants Superfoods Like Lycopene And Grape Seed Extract That Promote Muscle Recovery And Are A Natural Source Of Micronutrients And Phytonutrients. The Digestive Enzymes Extracted From Pineapples And Papaya Facilitate A Faster Breakdown Of Proteins That Improve Gut Health And Effective Digestion. Our Blend Is Naturally Flavoured With Cocoa Powder All The Way From Ghana, To Make Your Post-workout Drink Delicious And Healthy.
  • Lactose/dairy Free: What Makes Plix Strength The Preferred Choice Is That It Gives You All The Required Proteins And Nutrients While Being Completely Dairy Free! Most Milk-based Ingredients Are High In Lactose And Our Plant-based Blends Will Give You A Lactose Free Diet. Our Product Is Sugar Free, Gluten Free With No Added Artificial Colours Or Preservatives.
  • Globally Certified And Fssai Licensed: Our Facilities Are Globally Certified, Fssai Approved And We Follow Good Manufacturing Practices. All Our Products Are Tested For Heavy Metals And Do Not Contain Any Banned Substances. The Product Is Vegan With A Shelf Life Of 18 Months.
  • How To Use: Add One Scoop Of Plix Strength To 300ml Of Ice Cold Water. Mix It Well Or Shake It For 15-20 Seconds And Your Delicious Drink Is Ready!

Country of Origin: ‎India

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1 kg (Pack of 2), 500 gm


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