Sri Sri Tattva Amrutadi Vati (60 Tablets)



Amrutadi Vati is a herbo mineral formulation containing a concentrate of cow’s urine and purified sulphur along with other ingredients. It is effective in Skin Disorders, Dyspnoea, Rhinitis, Viral Fever and Bacterial Infections.

Key Benefits

  • Acts as an antibacterial and treats skin infections, respiratory disorders and fever
  • Useful in cases of bacterial infections, fever, skin diseases, dyspnoea, rhinitis, tonsillitis,
  • Bronchitis, influenza, broncho-pulmonary infections


  • 1 tablet thrice a day or as directed by the physician.

Key Ingredients

  • Cow’s urine
  • Purified sulphur

Net Weight: 500 mg

Country Of Origin: India


SriSri Tattva


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