Tatvik Bath & Body Keratin, Argan Oil and Cocoa Butter Shampoo (200 ml)



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Tatvik Cocoa Butter Shampoo Keratin, Argan Oil Bath & Body is a very effective product to reduce hair fall and dandruff also helps in hair growth and prevention of hair fall.

Product Overview

The Tatvik Bath & Body Keratin, Argan oil and Cocoa Butter shampoo is great for dry, parched, brittle or damaged hair. Keratin present in this shampoo is beneficial in making the hair strands more durable and shinier. Argan oil used in this product is loaded with Vitamin A and fatty acids due to which it acts as a great moisturizer. Using this product can promote hair growth as it contains Argan oil. This shampoo contains glycerin which helps in repairing weak and damaged hair, owing to its serious moisturizing and conditioning properties. Raw organic honey extract found in this product acts as a great moisturizing agent . Honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which starts the oxidation of glucose and forms hydrogen peroxide which in turn fight infections pertaining to the scalp and hair. Cocoa butter present in this shampoo is very beneficial for scalp and hair as it moisturizes the hair, prevents hair loss, repairs damaged hair ,adds volume and strength to the hair, strengthens the hair shafts and replenishes oils lost due to chemical processes.

Country Of Origin: India


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