Tatvik Kusuma Face Gel Coffee & Sandalwood Is A Water Based Lotion Which Is Lightweight In Texture And Can Be Easily Absorbed Into The Skin.

Product Overview

The Tatvik Ayurveda Bath & Body Coffee and Sandalwood Face Gel is a water based lotion which is lightweight in texture and can be easily absorbed into the skin. This product is compatible with a variety of skin types, especially with oily skin as it does not add any extra oil to the skin.

  • Reduces acne and cellulite stretch marks
  • Rich antioxidants kill dead cells and remove impurities
  • Coffee is an excellent exfoliator and helps in stimulating blood flow
  • 48 hours of moisturization and oil free hydration

How Do I Use It?

  • Add this face gel to your day and night skincare routine.
  • Pump out onto dry palms and spread it onto your face and concerned areas like neck and crow’s feet.
  • Massage the gel in a gentle upward circular motion until fully absorbed.
  • Get a stellar result and start your day with a bang.

We are eccentric in our own way. We can only assume you too are when it comes to hygiene and skincare because what’s inside, really matters. That’s why we compel you to make a choice first before you buy.

  • Organic Coffee – Its extract minimizes pores, fights acne, and reduces inflammation and pigmentation.
  • Sandalwood Oil – It aids in the healing of the skin promoting healthier and youthful skin.
  • Raw Organic Honey – A good source of antioxidants that glorifies the skin.
  • Glycerine – It helps to hydrate the outer layer of the skin and improves on skin barrier function.

 Key Ingredients – Organic Coffee, Sandalwood Oil, Raw Organic Honey, Glycerine and Purified Water

Caution – It removes excess oil which can leave side effects for people with dry skin, hence use according to your skin type

Country Of Origin: India


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