Tatvik Pedicure And Manicure Spa Home Kit Is Carefully Designed And Formulated To Offer An Overall Manicure And Pedicure Treatment At Home.

Product Overview

The Tatvik Bath & Body Luxury Manicure and Pedicure Home Spa Kit is carefully designed and formulated to offer an overall manicure and pedicure treatment at home.  With a simplified combination of all the necessary manicure and pedicure essentials, this kit is all set to pamper and beautify the hands and feet of the applicant.

How To Use:

Before you start, make sure your finger and toenails are polish-free. { Use a non-acetone remover} Clean your hands and feet with lukewarm water using a cleanser. After cleaning, Soak and scrub your hands for 2-3 mins. and feet for 5-6 mins. Apply the pack and let it dry up for 15-20 mins. and then clean up with lukewarm water. Soften your cuticles by massaging for a few minutes with the cream.

1. Mogra & Patchouli Cleanser:  The Tatvik Bath & Body Luxury Mogra and Patchouli Cleanser can help keep the nails shiny by nourishing the cuticles from deep within. This product is effective in cleansing the tacky residue present in the nails as well.  Mogra essential oil present in this cleanser helps in providing nourishment to the nail cuticles, cleansing the dirt present in the nails, protecting the nails from aging/cracking, and enhancing the texture of the nails. This ingredient comes with a beautiful scent as well. Patchouli  Oil used in this cleanser treats brittle, uneven nails. Glycerin utilized in this cleanser prevents cracking of nails, moisturizes the nails, and treats fungal infections on nails.

2. Coffee Scrub: The Tatvik Bath & Body Luxury Coffee Scrub can be used both on hands and feet. This product is effective in removing adherent dead skin cells that make skin appear dull and rough. Application of this scrub will buff away dead skin cells leaving hands, legs, and feet smooth. Coffee powder present in this scrub is beneficial in brightening the skin on hands and feet, making the skin softer, sloughing off dead skin cells, making the skin glow, preventing wrinkles caused by photo-aging, tightening the skin on hands /feet, and smoothening the skin. Sandalwood oil used in this product helps in evening out the skin tone, exfoliate the skin, removes blemishes and improve the skin complexion.

Country Of Origin: India


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