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Rudi is a rejuvenating herb also useful in the treatment of health issues. It is useful in the treatment of respiratory problems like asthma, lung infections, bronchitis, congestion, tuberculosis, phthisis, and breathing problems. Rudravanti Phal Powder has anti-inflammatory, digestive, antibacterial, and aphrodisiac properties. It pacifies Kapha and Vatta Doshas and treats issues arising from the imbalance. Rudi also acts as a blood purifier, tonic for the kidney bladder, and urinary system. Dosage-as directed by a physician. It directly targets the root cause of the disease and is quite effective in relieving the symptoms soon after indigestion. There are very few chances of the reoccurrence of the symptoms or the disease itself. As it is a herbal remedy, there are few to no side effects. It is extensively used in treatment because of its availability as well as cost-effectiveness. It is advised to take controlled dosages only after consulting your doctor for people of all age groups.

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Cough, Respiratory Disorders,tridooshaj Vikaar, general Weakness

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10 gm, 100 gm, 1000 gm, 250 gm, 50 gm


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