Tynor Hand Resting Splint, Beige (1 Unit)




Tynor Hand Resting Splint Is Designed To Help Reduce Pain And Swelling In The Hand And Wrist Joints By Supporting And Immobilizing Them In A Natural Position In Order To Reduce Pain And Swelling.

Product Overview

Hand Resting Splint is designed to reduce pain and swelling by providing comfortable support and immobilization in the natural position to joints of the hand and the wrist. It reduces irritation of nerves in carpal tunnel by supporting and resting the wrist in the “loose pack” position. It maintains length of soft tissues thus prevent contractures.

  • Ergonomic Splint: The product is ergonomically designed which Immobilizes the hand in a functional position during recovery. It evenly supports the hand, thumb and forearm. It is molded of high-quality rigid polymer and is easy to clean/washable
  • Straps & Pads: It offers high-quality tapes fasteners for prolonged use. It is easy to wear and remove. Offers soft padded sleeves for good comfort & feel.
  • Finger Separator: It is molded from high-quality polymer foam.
  • Feel Good Aesthetics: It is light in weight, thin, and has high strength splint.

Country of Origin: ‎India

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