Wellbeing Nutrition Glow Korean Marine Collagen Peptides (250 gm)




Wellbeing Nutrition Glow Korean Marine Collagen Peptides Is A Proprietary Formulation Of 8000 Mg Premium Wild Caught Pure Marine Collagen (Type I) From Deep Sea Fish.

Product Overview

A dermatologist recommended, a proprietary formulation of 8000 mg Premium Wild Caught Pure Marine collagen (Type I) from deep sea fish, combined with clinically studied ingredients like SkinAx, Glutathione, Resveratrol, DigeZym & Goji berry, in precise doses.

100% PURE MARINE COLLAGEN PEPTIDES FOR ENHANCED GLOW: With Glow Collagen (Pure Marine Collagen Peptides) you get the highest grade of Collagen available in the world – 8000 MG (per serving) Platinum Grade Wild Caught Marine Collagen Powder – the building blocks to regenerate & renew firm, beautiful, hydrated & youthful skin. It is the perfect collagen supplement for you with Type 1&3 peptides, hydrolyzed & agglomerated for higher bioavailability & solubility.”

IT’S YOUR TIME TO GET, SET, GLOW: Collagen production declines as we get older (starting as early as our 20s), resulting in dry & blemished skin. A deliciously serving of this Tropical Bliss Glow Collagen also includes clinically studied ingredients such as SkinAx², Glutathione, Resveratrol, Bromelain & Goji Berry to help nourish your skin, restoring skin radiance & increasing skin luminosity. Increasing collagen levels helps your skin look firmer, smoother & more youthful. “

COMPLETE ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT FOR SKIN PROTECTION: Resveratrol helps hydrate skin to prevent it from drying. It helps boost your skin’s natural barriers to make it smoother & healthier. It’s highly effective in combating the damage that leads to skin aging. Goji Berries, an antioxidant-rich superfood, help reduce inflammation & minimize signs of skin damage caused due to pollution. It also helps reduce acne & even out skin tone.

SKIN BRIGHTENING & RADIANCE: L-Glutathione, a clinically proven & naturally occurring potent antioxidant helps tackle skin damage & reduce inflammation, clearing scars & spots on your skin to give you a bright, youthful glow. It inhibits melanin production by converting the eumelanin pigment (responsible for the dark spots appearing on the skin) into the pigment- pheomelanin which provides luminosity & clarity to the skin. It gives skin a radiant & glowing effect.

How To Consume

Mix one scoop (8g) of the Tropical Bliss flavored Glow Marine Collagen powder in a 250ml glass of water. You can also mix this versatile flavor in your daily smoothie, juice, or breakfast bowl.

When To Consume?

You can consume the Glow Collagen Powder at any time of the day.

Country Of Origin: India

Additional information

Weight 250 g
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm

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